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Collaged iPhone Cases

Lots of things are evolving in my life right now, and iPhone cases are no exception. It started with a series of decisions that led me to change jobs, and along with that, my entire schedule. I eventually stopped making the “fine art” cases for Etsy as the painting process was taking too long. I also had to let go of a few other commitments I thought I’d be able to make, like the ArtHouse Sketchbook Project – a show I’ve participated in before and loved. I carried my sketchbook around faithfully for months, but rarely found time to pull it out and work on it. My mind needed sleep. It was a losing battle. Deadlines passed, and I had to accept the fact that I simply couldn’t produce art as much as I could before. I have a grown-up job now…who knew? I am, however, still committed to making the Etsy business a success, and it is still in full motion. (Having an awesome business partner helps :) ). In fact, we have our first event as vendors coming up this Friday! Excited and nervous, I knew my contributions this week would have to be altered a bit so that they were still good quality, but less time-consuming. So I took to my stash o’ crafty stuff and started putting things together – and I have to say, I quite like the result.

Not typically my style, but there’s a lot to be said for keeping it simple. Well not too simple…I did cave in and throw glitter on these. But you all saw that coming, right?



Storefront Update

much love to etsy today!! <3



[It just looks cooler spelled that way.] So, I have an etsy shop now! A friend & I decided to stop wasting our crafty efforts on ourselves and share some cuteness with the rest of the world, because we’re just generous and talented like that (wink). We call ourselves glitzcraft, and we make iPhone cases, baby wipe holders, jewelry pendants, and [soon] greeting cards and art prints.  I’m really excited because we started selling as soon as we were listed!! Go to the shop tab up at the top of my page and ‘like’ us on facebook. Aaaand….maybe send over some business. and love. always love. but we could really use both. <3 <3