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Paintings and Drawings

mA – calligraphy.

More opportunities are coming up – glitzcraft has event booths booked for the summer! I went crazy at a Michael’s sale this weekend and stocked up on canvases, so it’s time to paint – ’cause like, it would be nice to have an art vendor booth with art actually in it. This is the process on my first painting in an experimental series of calligraphy (and otherwise hopefully marketable) oil paintings:

1. rainbowetic placement of color

2. chemical spray to splatter & drip said color (yes, just like the crayons)

3. cool faraway shot after more spraying and blending

4. added some definition to the lettering and swirlyness


I’m planning on a few more, probably with less colors (not everyone enjoys decorating in rainbows as much as I) as well as a couple of miniatures and some multi-panel pieces. Stay tuned!


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I Made “Crayon Art.”

I follow DIY and art blogs religiously. I love looking at design trends and ideas, especially with recycled materials. Lately, I’ve noticed quite a few artists dabbling in “crayon art,” which consists of melting an assortment of arranged crayons on canvas. In their blog posts, these projects were described as “fun” and “easy” and “quick” and “kid-friendly.” What they neglected to include were words like “messy” and “tedious” and “teeth-grinding.” Let me walk you through the pain behind the rainbow.

1. You have to peel like 100 crayons. By hand.

Crayons are something like 90% wax with some food coloring [not a real fact] so the paper that surrounds them likes to stick. Luckily, I found that cutting along the paper with an exacto knife speeds up the process….but still, you are left picking off stubborn bits of paper from a pile of crayons. If you haven’t given up and/or cried by this point, I think it’s safe to see this project through to the end.


2. Glue guns are evil.

After all the crayons were peeled, I arranged them in rainbowetic [scientific term] on my canvas. Then I had to glue them down, one at a time. This would be fine, except glue guns leave strings…everywhere. And it’s best to pick them off if you don’t want them getting tangled in your artwork.
You’ve been warned.


3. “I’m melting….melting….” [the Wizard of Oz witch voice really helps at this point]

Time to start melting! I propped up my canvas and aimed a hair dryer at mid-crayon level.
Mind you, I have a cheapo hair dryer since I don’t use one on my hair much, so I had little
control of the air and like, which direction it went and stuff. Fortunately, it created some cool criss-cross action where the colors overlapped. It also got some splattered crayon on the wall, so if you ever try this consider doing it outside or tacking up paper. [Side note: dried waxy crayon comes off of most things easily, yay]


All done!












Okay, I admit…I kind of love this. Though I’m not sure I’ll be doing it again anytime soon…unless maybe you paid me. *wink


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iPhone case makeover

If you have an iPhone, you know it’s important to have a nice, protective case that’s really…stylish :) So I was really happy to score some $0.99 deals on ebay.
As with many deals too good to be true [along with my clumsy & abusive nature with my stuff], the lifespan of these cases were very short.

They started out looking okay……..but the coating began chipping off at the edges:

so I scraped the rest off by hand, and with sandpaper, until I had a nice clean surface to work with:

I coated the case with Mod Podge and covered it with tissue paper, then went back over the tissue paper with another coat of Mod Podge. For this case, I used a Matte formula, which dries clear and not shiny.

The holes on the side were a little tricky. I tried to poke through the tissue too quickly, before the Mod Podge had set, so I got some fray-age.

I guess patience is a virtue! Anyway, once it was dry, I applied some sequins and type from an old book (also applied with Mod Podge.) I brushed a little extra over the top and added some Dimensional Magic to secure the sequins. [Side note: Remember Mod Podge dries fast, but you have to let DImensional Magic sit for the night.]

Voila! And when I get sick of it (which I probably will), I can scrape it all off and start over :)





Starry Sidetable

I’ve had this IKEA table for years, collecting dust, and mostly holding junk. If it wasn’t going to be useful, I decided it might as well be nice to look at.


I started by painting the somewhat shiny black surface (the legs are tan) with white acrylic as a primer.


The circle shape really made me want to paint one of my favorites…Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Above is the underpainting…


…and this is the finished product!! I coated it with acrylic sealer spray to protect the surface. I’m pretty happy with it and don’t mind having it around now :)


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