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Paintings and Drawings

mA – calligraphy.

More opportunities are coming up – glitzcraft has event booths booked for the summer! I went crazy at a Michael’s sale this weekend and stocked up on canvases, so it’s time to paint – ’cause like, it would be nice to have an art vendor booth with art actually in it. This is the process on my first painting in an experimental series of calligraphy (and otherwise hopefully marketable) oil paintings:

1. rainbowetic placement of color

2. chemical spray to splatter & drip said color (yes, just like the crayons)

3. cool faraway shot after more spraying and blending

4. added some definition to the lettering and swirlyness


I’m planning on a few more, probably with less colors (not everyone enjoys decorating in rainbows as much as I) as well as a couple of miniatures and some multi-panel pieces. Stay tuned!