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Cross Country Clearprint

I’ve been looking to get back into some art shows and projects, and I recently came across a collaborative sketchbook project hosted by Chartpak called Cross Country Clearprint. Like the Sketchbook Project (which I also signed up for again this year), you receive a sketchbook in the mail – but it’s not all yours. Each artist adds their own entry, page by page, as the book gets mailed to different participants. What’s also unique is that these are vellum sketchbooks, not paper; so there are some fun things you can do with heavier materials that don’t hold up the same on regular paper.

I got my books in the mail last week – yes, books – they send you a blank one to keep for yourself as a gift, which made my day. I’d like to say I spent the week dreaming up the perfect submission and carefully pouring my soul into the artwork; but between work and life I glanced at it longingly between other tasks before finally grabbing it and scribbling in my entry today (the due date).


I opted for ink – Prismacolor Scholar markers – since it’s quick and there’s no dry time. I took shots of the drawing before and after adding color.

There were some amazing entries in this little book: painted seascapes, elaborate tattoo designs, a friendly parrot, and some colorful abstracts. I’m glad I stumbled upon this unique project and tucked my art inside a little book packed with talent. I’m eager to see it all together when the book is finished, and hopefully take some ammo and inspiration to start working on my Sketchbook Project book.


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