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Mod Podge Glitter Shoes

I always wanted to jump on the bandwagon of glittering some shoes with mod podge – but I never really had a reason, or saw the point in buying a new pair. Until…

my be-studded black Aldo flats began losing their studs [1] . They’re too comfortable – and relatively new – to retire so I got rid of the rest of the studs and added a little mod podge [2]. Then, since I wanted a multicolor-purple, I mixed some red and blue glitter with an equal amount of matte mod podge [3] (glossy would work too, depending on how flashy you are at heart). All you need to do next is paint it all on with a foam brush [4] – I suggest at least 3 full coats – and Voila! updated sparkly flats [5]. Yay!

Be fashionable, my friends.


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