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Summer Update

It’s been one eventful summer! Glitzcraft had it’s first major event: a 2,000+ person conference. That’s our booth in the picture; isn’t it pretty? In a sea of vendors distributing pamphlets and educational resources we definitely stood out :) And if being a vendor wasn’t enough for one weekend, I got to decorate the stage for the actual conference:

I wish I had better pictures of the rest of the room, with the lights dimmed – there was a red&purple ambiance set on the walls with gel up-lighting (you can see it on the curtain backdrop, which was all black.) There was also a gift table with some pretty Chinese paper lanterns that I offset with red glowsticks to match the rest of the lighting & decor but I’m not sure I caught pictures of those either…it was a pretty hectic day. Oh well. Use your imagination.

I’ve done little art production outside of the conference prep – and updating the etsy shop with leftover goods – but one of the ArtHouse projects I signed up for a few months ago launched an online tumblr gallery for The Things Found Series – Vol. 1: The Fridge. You can see my entry here.

Oh, and I tweeted about my latest starry night spin off about a month ago:

Haven’t decided what to do with this one yet…the rest of the paintings are going up for sale though. The rest of the summer was spent in between weddings (3 weekends in a row!) Saying goodbye to old friends, making new ones, working, not working, and basically trying to piece my life together in between. And as I write this I am getting behind on my editing work, so ciao for now! There’s more to come :)



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