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DIY masquerade mask with ribbon

It’s summer! Which I wish meant vacation…but it mostly means graduations, weddings, TV rerun marathons, and more weddings. With an upcoming masquerade party coming up I scoured the net for the perfect mask…and came up with some over-the-top Cirque du Soleil style masks a little over my budget (like, hundreds of dollars over. But one can dream.) I’m also a huge fan of Earthbound masks: affordable, appealing, and any store that lets you buy patchouli incense and dance chains while you walk past a sandbox of hermit crabs is pretty sweet in my book. So I was pretty sad when my local mall shut down its Earthbound (where will I go to fulfill my psuedo-hipster fantasies now?)

With no time nor money to spare, I set to make my own mask with whatever supplies I had on hand. I managed to make mine with paper, ribbon, Mod Podge, and a few odds and ends I found at home.


 1. I cut out a simple mask shape out of sturdy white paper (if you plan to do this, you’ll need something heavier than basic computer paper so it keeps its shape.)  Measure where to cut the eyeholes on your face and cut them out.

2. I lined strips of ribbon side by side on one side of the mask, securing it with Mod Podge – only as a glue, not a sealer – sealing Mod Podge over ribbon can ruin the shimmery texture. I did, however, put some Mod Podge all over the back side of the ribbon, pictured here, to make it easier to cut the shape out after it dried (especially the eyeholes!)


3. After the Mod Podge was completely dry, I cut back around the mask shape and the eye holes.  Voila!





4. Time to decorate! I simply tied together a few more pieces of ribbon into bows, and secured it to one side with hot glue. Also found some spare gemstones to add some sparkle.





5. That’s pretty much it! I found this orange wire in a plant vase…no idea what its original function was, but it was durable so I decided to use it as a holder for my mask since it already matched. Oh, and I tied more matching ribbon onto the bottom. If you’re making your own mask and don’t have obscure sparkly wire in your household plants (and I am really sad if you don’t have such miscellany in your life), use ribbon to decorate a popsicle stick, or glue two pieces of ribbon to the backside of the mask and tie them to secure it on.
I decided to keep this one simple…but maybe next time I’ll run across some feathers and have fun with those :)

xoxo | z

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