Collaged iPhone Cases

Lots of things are evolving in my life right now, and iPhone cases are no exception. It started with a series of decisions that led me to change jobs, and along with that, my entire schedule. I eventually stopped making the “fine art” cases for Etsy as the painting process was taking too long. I also had to let go of a few other commitments I thought I’d be able to make, like the ArtHouse Sketchbook Project – a show I’ve participated in before and loved. I carried my sketchbook around faithfully for months, but rarely found time to pull it out and work on it. My mind needed sleep. It was a losing battle. Deadlines passed, and I had to accept the fact that I simply couldn’t produce art as much as I could before. I have a grown-up job now…who knew? I am, however, still committed to making the Etsy business a success, and it is still in full motion. (Having an awesome business partner helps :) ). In fact, we have our first event as vendors coming up this Friday! Excited and nervous, I knew my contributions this week would have to be altered a bit so that they were still good quality, but less time-consuming. So I took to my stash o’ crafty stuff and started putting things together – and I have to say, I quite like the result.

Not typically my style, but there’s a lot to be said for keeping it simple. Well not too simple…I did cave in and throw glitter on these. But you all saw that coming, right?


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