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Update! Alas.

So this thing has been long neglected…and I’m going to try to be better about posting. Mostly because I need to organize my thoughts, and my life. And since much of what I do is (sadly? or awesomely?) online, this is a good way to do it.

Last time I posted, it was in the beginning stages of launching my etsy shop. I’m really happy and thankful for how quickly it has picked up on the web! Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed trying to make orders, since I have to do it at night after work, etc. but the bottom line is, I really, really wanted to do this—I’ve always talked about starting an online business, and wondered why I haven’t been using my passion for art in a positive way; not necessarily to make money, but to share it with others. I’ve fiddled with a few networking and portfolio sites over the years – they were great for displaying professional work, or even getting feedback on works-in-progress. Above all, it was great connecting with other artists and feeling inspired. But I didn’t really take that inspiration anywhere…and I stopped creating art as much as I used to. I got a few opportunities here and there to do some graphic design work and do group shows, but really, it wasn’t what it was cracked up to be in theory. I never imagined myself sitting in a ritzy gallery with my paintings plastered to the wall. Nor did I enjoy working under strict guidelines, timetables, and requirements for designs. So when my friends encouraged me to sell useful objects I would make for myself (like the cases and whatnot) it sounded so much more personal and direct – plus I had complete freedom to do things my own way with my own designs. That kind of freedom is extremely limited in the corporate art world. [I use “corporate” here not to denote an actual corporation, but to signify any work that you must do for others, according to their standards, and by their timeline, etc. Even commissioned paintings get standard.]

Outside of trying to get this art/business thing figured out as I go, I’ve been working full time, teaching/tutoring on the side, volunteering, and trying to channel my inner college student who knew how to get by with minimal sleep and questionable caffeinated beverages. I think she’s moved on to the spirit of another person more in need of the energy. Oh well.

As the purpose of this blog is (and will continue to be) primarily art-focused, I want to take a minute to mention a few things I (swear!) will be coming up soon that I’m excited about.

1. The Sketchbook Project 2012 – I did this a few years ago and I absolutely loved making my sketchbook! This year I’m starting with a book themed “Heros & Villains.” Yay!

2. Illustration Friday – I really dropped the ball on this one thanks to grad school and work. Every week I save the word and the week passes by without a drawing produced. This week they picked one of my word suggestions, “scattered,” and I’m pretty sure it’s a sign I need to get on it :)

3. Society6 – I originally found this as an iPhone app with cool wallpapers. Turns out to be a pretty cool collaborative project with art prints transformed into different items. They also follow work from some of my favorite sites, like designmilk and flavorpill/flavorwire. Anyway, I signed up and I can’t wait to sift through some of this awesome work and contribute my own!

One day I will post about digital publishing & writing sites too…provided I ever get time to sit and write more than a blog post!

Aim for the stars, right?


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