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iPhone case makeover

If you have an iPhone, you know it’s important to have a nice, protective case that’s really…stylish :) So I was really happy to score some $0.99 deals on ebay.
As with many deals too good to be true [along with my clumsy & abusive nature with my stuff], the lifespan of these cases were very short.

They started out looking okay……..but the coating began chipping off at the edges:

so I scraped the rest off by hand, and with sandpaper, until I had a nice clean surface to work with:

I coated the case with Mod Podge and covered it with tissue paper, then went back over the tissue paper with another coat of Mod Podge. For this case, I used a Matte formula, which dries clear and not shiny.

The holes on the side were a little tricky. I tried to poke through the tissue too quickly, before the Mod Podge had set, so I got some fray-age.

I guess patience is a virtue! Anyway, once it was dry, I applied some sequins and type from an old book (also applied with Mod Podge.) I brushed a little extra over the top and added some Dimensional Magic to secure the sequins. [Side note: Remember Mod Podge dries fast, but you have to let DImensional Magic sit for the night.]

Voila! And when I get sick of it (which I probably will), I can scrape it all off and start over :)




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